Vegetable Box

Vegetable Box

Grilled Vegetables Hummus Beetroot Olives Pomagranate Basil Olive Oil Lettuce Leaves Roast Organic Butternut Squash Sweet Chilli Green Beans

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Organic butternut squash doesn't just taste great, but it helps you prevent high blood pressure and improve your eyesight too. It eases weight loss, so it has a rightful place in this SuperSalad and your healthy fast food.
We used the touch of smoke to caramelise and transform these vegetables to delicious ingredients - even if you are a serious meat-eater. We gave an extra flavour to this SuperSalad with grilled vegetables to encourage your education to different tastes and relishes. 
The delicious green beans contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A and have high manganese and iron content. Hence this SuperSalad can be used to support your immune system, making this salad a healthy on the go lunch. 
Hummus has all the benefit a plant-based protein bomb can give, and the best is that it can be eaten even if you are vegetarian, vegan or omnivore. Chickpeas, which is the base of hummus, help you balance your cholesterol level and protect you against heart disease. Inflammation gives you a hint that your body feels it is more intoxicated than usual, which unfortunately in our modern world, happens a lot. Humus contains garlic, chickpeas and olive oil which are all anti-inflammatory foods, so this SuperSalad not just protects you but heals you too. We shouldn't forget about the fibres in humus which are essential for a healthy digestive system. If you are on a weight loss diet, a fully-functioning gastro-intestinal system is crucial, so you can digest the food you eat efficiently. Hummus is full of minerals like folate, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B. And we haven't even talked about the benefits which the garlic, hidden among chickpeas and lemon juice provides. You cannot even beat that amount of antioxidants which you get with hummus consumption, so your immune system is boosted to unforeseen levels.
Show us a healthier fruit in the whole world than pomegranate! Yes, thinking of the right alternative gives a headache for us too, this is why we love using pomegranate in our SuperSalad boxes. Studies showed that pomegranate is a remarkably healthy antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can support the fight against cancer cells. It even lowers blood pressure and believe it or not, can ease your pain in arthritis. 
Beetroot could be called bloodroot - yes, we know that there is a plant which already called bloodroot, but we think beetroot deserves this name more. And it not just because of its colour. Beetroot builds blood cells and maintains the health of new cells in our body. Beetroot at the same time lowers blood pressure and supports the health of your liver. Which ultimately leads to a healthy digestive system and an increased stamina. Beetroot is also a powerful anti-oxidant and can help you fight against tumour cells and cancer. As part of the antioxidant benefits, it can also be used as a detoxification aid. 
Fresh chilli pepper doesn't just help your metabolism and an anti-inflammatory agent, but this fiery fruit combined with honey roasted salmon gives you an irresistible healthy takeaway food. As fresh chilli decreases LDL cholesterol levels and helps you fight against the unnecessary kilos, so it is two birds with one stone.
And the crown of all of it, sweet chilli contains everything the fiery fruit of red chilly has and some more flavours! It has the right amount of heat and sweetness which makes this SuperSalad to-go lunch a mouthwatering takeaway. 

This vegetable healthy takeaway box is ideal for any vegetarian or vegan or even any omnivore when you just don't feel like eating meat as it already contains a good amount of protein and more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so honestly, meat is no longer needed from this SuperSalad lunch box.