Salmon Box

Salmon Box

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Tell your friends you ate healthy today! And spread the word you enjoyed it!

Show us a healthier fruit in the whole world than pomegranate! Yes, thinking of the right alternative gives a headache for us too, this is why we love using pomegranate in our SuperSalad boxes. Studies showed that pomegranate is a remarkably healthy antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can support the fight against cancer cells. It even lowers blood pressure and believe it or not, can ease your pain in arthritis. 

Beetroot could be called bloodroot - yes, we know that there is a plant which already called bloodroot, but we think beetroot deserves this name more. And it not just because of its colour. Beetroot builds blood cells and maintains the health of new cells in our body. Beetroot at the same time lowers blood pressure and supports the health of your liver. Which ultimately leads to a healthy digestive system and an increased stamina. Beetroot is also a powerful anti-oxidant and can help you fight against tumour cells and cancer. As part of the antioxidant benefits, it can also be used as a detoxification aid. 

A healthy diet includes oily fish as almost all of them are some kind of superfood. Research shows salmon and all fish are food for the brain as salmon doesn't just contain essential omega 3 fatty acid, but it is high in protein and amino acid. Salmon feeds our mind, reduces inflammation of our joints, pain in our digestive tract and protects our heart. Omega 3 fatty acid help defend our heart by regulating build-up in the arteries and slows down cognitive decline and helps us avoid Alzheimer disease. For the same reason, it also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Omega 3 also protects our eyes from sunlight and free radicals. Salmon is also a great source of Vitamin D along with selenium which can slow down the development of cancer and protect us from cancer cells appearance. Salmon also improves collagen production which increases the elasticity of our skin and helps us maintain the young look. If you have sleeping disorders, try eating salmon as a part of your healthy dinner (not right before you go to bed though), because this fish can shorten the time needed to fall asleep and helps you improve your sleeping experience.  

Honey roasted salmon is delicious and appetising, the sweetness of honey works really well with the slightly salty salmon, and this light honey glaze will invite your taste buds for dancing. For a real taste bud shock we included not just honey roasted salmon but smoked salmon as well, so next to the sweet and salty flavour you will enjoy the smokey and salty taste.

Avocado is full of good fat, but we are sure you know that. Let us tell you what you surely didn't know about this strange but delicious fruit. The alligator pear (we can refer to avocado as alligator pear because of its shape and skin) does not contain any sodium or cholesterol but contains potassium (to avoid heart attacks and kidney failure) and high amount of fibre, so it is a significant contributor to weight loss and a healthy digestive system. The great thing is when we combine avocado with fruits and vegetables with high Vitamin A, D, E or K content as these vitamins are fat soluble, so they need some sort of fat to be absorbed in our body. This is why the no-fat-at-all diet is not as healthy as it sounds because these vitamins are essential for healthy living. But avocado solves this question as well - even if you are against eating fat, eat this good fat fruit and help the vitamins in your body to be consumed properly. All problem solved, thanks to the avocado! 

Organic triple beans are an excellent source of protein even compared to fresh meat. Healthy beans also decrease your chance of heart disease and some studies even show we can leverage these beans to fight against cancer. They are on the must-eat list after a workout as you can find a pack of nutrition in them besides proteins. 

This SuperSalad contains gluten-free rice noodles which have the perfect mild flavour to complement the delicious taste of this healthy takeaway. As rice noodles are naturally low-fat carbohydrates, we love using them as a filling base in our SuperSalads. 

The new superfood, quinoa, is high in nutrient content and contains twice as much protein than rice or barley. It is an excellent source of calcium, manganese and magnesium, Vitamin Bs and Vitamin E. Quinoa also contains a small amount of healthy Omega-3 fatty acid and it is a slowly digested carbohydrate. Therefore, this SuperSalad can give you the right boost for the whole day. 

Do you think our salmon box is about putting salmon in a paper box with some salad? No, of course, it is not that simple. Our trained chef combined flavours as well as nutrients and vitamins in a way that it is the healthiest for your body. This is why you can find smoked salmon and honey roasted salmon in this box next to avocado, triple beans, beetroot and pomegranate. If you think eating salad without carbohydrate is not even lunch, you will be delighted to see rice noodles, which are of course, gluten-free and low-fat carbohydrate. And last but not least, the other superfood ingredient, quinoa, that just solves everything.