Protein Box

Protein Box

Chicken Boiled Egg Chilli Mozzarella Hummus Smoked Salmon Basil Olive Oil Lettuce Leaves

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A healthy diet includes oily fish as almost all of them are some kind of superfood. Research shows salmon and all fish are food for the brain as salmon doesn't just contain essential omega-3 fatty acid, but it is high in protein and amino acid. Salmon feeds our mind, reduces inflammation of our joints, pain in our digestive tract and protects our heart. Omega 3 fatty acid help defend our heart by regulating build-up in the arteries and slows down cognitive decline and helps us avoid Alzheimer disease. For the same reason, it also reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Omega 3 also protects our eyes from sunlight and free radicals. Salmon is also a great source of Vitamin D along with selenium which can slow down the development of cancer and protect us from cancer cells appearance. Salmon also improves collagen production which increases the elasticity of our skin and helps us maintain the young look. If you have sleeping disorders, try eating salmon as a part of your healthy dinner (not right before you go to bed though), because this fish can shorten the time needed to fall asleep and helps you improve your sleeping experience. Smoking this salmon gives an extra flavour to your healthy lunch box, which we are sure, you will love.

Boiled eggs contain good fats, called monounsaturated fats, and they are classified as a superfood for good reasons. Can you imagine the amount of nutrients an egg contains when it turns a single cell into a baby chicken? Boiled egg includes a number of essential vitamins (Vitamin A, B5, B12, B2), phosphorus and selenium, only in 77 calories. How can this be more perfect? We really cannot think of a more nutritious food on the planet than whole eggs as they contain a little bit of everything we need. And if you worry about the cholesterol amount an egg contains, don't do that. First of all, eggs contain so-called good cholesterol and secondly, our body evens the produced and consumed cholesterol, so if it is eaten in moderation, we cannot harm our body. 

Chicken is a low-fat, lean protein supply which helps your muscle development and helps you to maintain body weight and control weight loss. Thanks to this protein content, chicken also helps you prevent bone loss. Eating chicken breast can manage the amino acid levels in your body which makes it possible to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Adding chicken to your healthy diet gives you a way to supply your phosphorus level which is essential for your bones and even your teeth so that they can shine longer. The selenium-abundant chicken meat supports your hormone and immune functions and your metabolism also. Selenium combined with Vitamin B6 in chicken also encourages healthy movements in your metabolism system, so you can potentially burn calories quicker, making your weight loss attempt more successful.  What you surely didn't know is that chicken contains an amino acid which can enhance your mood, reduce your stress level and help you survive your hardest days. 

Fresh mozzarella does deserve a place in your healthy diet because it is so much more than a ball of calcium and fat! Other than the great taste and a bouncy texture, this mixture of cow and buffalo milk is a great source of Vitamin B7 (Biotin) which is not just useful for pregnant women, but anybody with brittle nails. Other vitamins from the Vitamin B family - which mozzarella contains - can prevent a migraine, control cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis. As all dairy product, it has high calcium concentration which is essential for a healthy bone structure. But a brilliant thing about mozzarella is that it doesn't just contain calcium, it also contains phosphorus, which helps absorb calcium from foods. Of course, as with everything, you have to consume mozzarella in moderation to benefit from all these nutrients. But this is why we are here! We combine mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, so you will find a fulfilling pot in your lunch box. 

Hummus has all the benefit a plant-based protein bomb can give, and the best is that it can be eaten, even if you are vegetarian, vegan or omnivore. Chickpeas, which is the base of hummus, help you balance your cholesterol level and protect you against heart disease. Inflammation gives you a hint that your body feels it is more intoxicated than usual, which unfortunately in our modern world, happens a lot. Humus contains garlic, chickpeas and olive oil which are all anti-inflammatory foods, so this SuperSalad not just protects you but heals you too. We shouldn't forget about the fibres in humus which are essential for a healthy digestive system. If you are on a weight loss diet, a fully-functioning gastro-intestinal system is crucial, so you can digest the food you eat efficiently. Hummus is full of minerals like folate, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B. And we haven't even talked about the benefits which the garlic, hidden among chickpeas and lemon juice provides. You cannot even beat that amount of antioxidants which you get with hummus consumption, so your immune system is boosted to unforeseen levels. 

Chilli and basil olive oil gives the extra flavour to this SuperSalad healthy takeaway, besides containing the health benefit of chilli, basil and olive oil. 

If you are searching for a healthy lunch, full of meat, flavour and protein, you cannot find a better one than this healthy takeaway. We don't think eating chicken on its own is enough for a balanced protein-boosted diet, because despite chicken contains a high amount of protein, it misses some essential minerals and vitamins which your body needs. This is why we included salmon, egg, mozzarella and hummus as well to this SuperSalad, so all your needs are satisfied. And of course, it is served on lettuce leaves and not just because green looks good in this box, but to give you extra crispiness.