Power Box

Power Box

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Tell your friends you ate healthy today! And spread the word you enjoyed it!

The new superfood, quinoa, is high in nutrient content and contains twice as much protein than rice or barley. It is an excellent source of calcium, manganese and magnesium, Vitamin Bs and Vitamin E. Quinoa also contains a small amount of healthy Omega-3 fatty acid and it is a slowly digested carbohydrate. Therefore, this SuperSalad can give you the right boost for the whole day. This SuperSalad contains gluten-free rice noodles which have the perfect mild flavour to complement the delicious taste of this healthy takeaway. As rice noodles are naturally low-fat carbohydrates, we love using them as a filling base in our SuperSalads.

This SuperSalad contains gluten-free rice noodles which have the perfect mild flavour to complement the delicious taste of this healthy takeaway. As rice noodles are naturally low-fat carbohydrates, we love using them as a filling base in our SuperSalads.
Spinach can be a base of any healthy takeaway. In a raw form or blanched, spinach contains Vitamin A, B6, C, E and K and it has a high zinc and iron content. Do you remember Popeye? After eating our SuperSalad full of goodness (and spinach), you will have the same strength as our biceps-bulging sailor-man and there will be no unresolved challenges.

Blanching means we have thrown spinach into boiling water for a few second which sadly lowers the amount of few antioxidants and vitamins, but keeps the level of minerals and fibre and adds to the eating experience of this SuperSalad takeaway lunch box.

Avocado is full of good fat, but we are sure you know that. Let us tell you what you surely didn't know about this strange but delicious fruit. The alligator pear (we can refer to avocado as alligator pear because of its shape and skin) does not contain any sodium or cholesterol but contains potassium (to avoid heart attacks and kidney failure) and high amount of fibre, so it is a significant contributor to weight loss and a healthy digestive system. The great thing is when we combine avocado with fruits and vegetables with high Vitamin A, D, E or K content as these vitamins are fat soluble, so they need some sort of fat to be absorbed in our body. This is why the no-fat-at-all diet is not as healthy as it sounds because these vitamins are essential for healthy living. But avocado solves this question as well - even if you are against eating fat, eat this good fat fruit and help the vitamins in your body to be consumed properly. All problem solved, thanks to the avocado!

Even though prawns look like just large shrimps, it is so not true, they are from different families, but they look alike and have very similar nutrient content. King prawns are an excellent source of unsaturated fat, which can improve your blood cholesterol quickly and as everything which comes out of salt water, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As omega-3 is not produced in our body, therefore it is essential that your healthy diet includes food which can be a source of this essential acid. This is why we prepared this delicious and healthy lunch box for you full of seafood, so you get what your body deserves :)
Omega 3 reduces inflammation in your body, the risk of cancer, heart disease and arthritis. And of course, the main reason omega-3 is famous because it increases our brain activity, so making us smarter with each bite. How many bites can you have? 

Beetroot could be called bloodroot - yes, we know that there is a plant which already called bloodroot, but we think beetroot deserves this name more. And it not just because of its colour. Beetroot builds blood cells and maintains the health of new cells in our body. Beetroot at the same time lowers blood pressure and supports the health of your liver. Which ultimately leads to a healthy digestive system and an increased stamina. Beetroot is also a powerful anti-oxidant and can help you fight against tumour cells and cancer. As part of the antioxidant benefits, it can also be used as a detoxification aid. 

Show us a healthier fruit in the whole world than pomegranate! Yes, thinking of the right alternative gives a headache for us too, this is why we love using pomegranate in our SuperSalad boxes. Studies showed that pomegranate is a remarkably healthy antioxidant, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can support the fight against cancer cells. It even lowers blood pressure and believe it or not, can ease your pain in arthritis. 

Chicken is a low-fat, lean protein supply which helps your muscle development and helps you to maintain body weight and control weight loss. Thanks to this protein content, chicken also helps you prevent bone loss. Eating chicken breast can manage the amino acid levels in your body which makes it possible to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Adding chicken to your healthy diet gives you a way to supply your phosphorus level which is essential for your bones and even your teeth so that they can shine longer. The selenium-abundant chicken meat supports your hormone and immune functions and your metabolism also. Selenium combined with Vitamin B6 in chicken also encourages healthy movements in your metabolism system, so you can potentially burn calories quicker, making your weight loss attempt more successful.  
What you surely didn't know is that chicken contains an amino acid which can enhance your mood, reduce your stress level and help you survive your hardest days. 

Do you still believe Popeye was strong because he only ate spinach? We don't think so, however, we agree, spinach should be the base. This is why our SuperSalad Power Box contains a smooth, blanched version of spinach and everything else which will boost your immune system and body, so you will not just be powerful, but healthy and energised as well.