Smoked Salmon and Lemon Zest Seafood Box

Smoked Salmon and Lemon Zest Seafood Box

Lemon Zest Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil Smoked Salmon

Tell your friends you ate healthy today! And spread the word you enjoyed it!

A healthy diet includes oily fish, the superfood known and consumed for centuries. Research shows salmon and all fish are food for brain activity as salmon doesn't just contain essential omega-3 fatty acid, but it is high in protein and amino acid. Salmon reduces inflammation of our joints, pain in our digestive tract, feeds our mind and protects our heart. Omega-3 fatty acid helps defend our heart by regulating build-up in the arteries and slows down cognitive decline, even helps us avoid Alzheimer disease. This fresh seafood lunch box can also reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acid also protects our eyes from sunlight and free radicals, keeping our eyes healthy as long as possible. Salmon is also a great source of Vitamin D along with selenium which can slow down the development of cancer and protect us from cancer cells appearance. Fish in this seafood box also improves collagen production which increases the elasticity of our skin and helps you maintain the young look. If you have sleeping disorders, try eating salmon as a part of your healthy dinner (not right before you go to bed though), because this fish can shorten the time needed to fall asleep and helps you improve your sleeping experience. 

Smoked salmon, served on lettuce bed and with lemon zest is your tasty and appetising healthy lunch box prepared by our engaging chef at Anyday SuperSalad on Chingford Mount Road.