Roast Organic Butternut Squash, Grilled Peppers Salad

Roast Organic Butternut Squash, Grilled Peppers Salad

Roast Organic Butternut Squash Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil Grilled Pepper

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Organic butternut squash doesn't just taste great, but it helps you prevent high blood pressure and improve your eyesight too. It eases weight loss, so it has a rightful place in this SuperSalad and your healthy fast food.
The touch of smoke and the caramelising flames can transform any vegetable to a delicious ingredient - even for the only-meat-eaters. The perfectly grilled peppers give such an amazing flavour to this SuperSalad, you won't be able to stop thinking of this healthy takeaway lunch next day. Don't worry; we will be here to serve you another lunch box tomorrow as well!
Feta cheese is made of goat milk and kept in salty water, to give a unique taste to this distinctive cheese. This cheese makes an excellent high-protein alternative for meat, and also packed with nutrients like hydrochloric acid, calcium and phosphorus. Feta cheese is also the right ingredient to create an interesting texture of this SuperSalad healthy fast food.

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Add feta or halloumi cheese for ??1

We hope your taste buds will enjoy this Roast Organic Butternut Squash, Grilled Peppers Salad and you will come back to try another healthy on the go lunch box soon.