King Prawns, Crab and Garlic Mayo Seafood Box

King Prawns Crab Garlic Mayo Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil

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Even though prawns look like just large shrimps, it is so not true, they are from different families, but they look alike and have very similar nutrient content. King prawns are an excellent source of unsaturated fat, which can improve your blood cholesterol quickly and as everything which comes out of salt water, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As omega-3 is not produced in our body, therefore it is essential that your healthy diet includes food which can be a source of this essential acid. This is why we prepared this delicious and healthy lunch box for you full of seafood, so you get what your body deserves :)
Omega 3 reduces inflammation in your body, the risk of cancer, heart disease and arthritis. And of course, the main reason omega-3 is famous because it increases our brain activity, so making us smarter with each bite. How many bites can you have?
Crab is high in protein and is a fulfilling, healthy part of our delicious seafood lunch box. Crab is very digestible for everybody as this meat does not contain hard-connected tissues, so if you have stomach issues but still would like to eat a big healthy lunch box, come and grab yours from Anyday SuperSalad. Crab can also protect you from heart disease and increase brain development and cognitive functions. Because of its high omega-3 fatty acid content, it has anti-inflammatory properties as well, and it is possible that crab can lower blood pressure and reduce skin conditions like psoriasis. Crab also has high zinc, selenium and copper content, so you will protect your immune system by consuming some of this delicious seafood. 

This delicious and healthy seafood box served on lettuce bed gives you the right amount of nutrients and protein you need for your day and keeps you going. It is easy to consume, so you can just come, quickly grab it and have your healthy takeaway in North Chingford.