Rice Noodles, Red Chilli, Spring Onion, Ginger and Soy Souce Salad

Rice Noodles, Red Chilli, Spring Onion, Ginger and Soy Souce Salad

Rice Noodles Red Chilli Spring Onion Ginger Soy Sauce Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil

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This SuperSalad contains gluten-free rice noodles which have the perfect mild flavour to complement the delicious taste of this healthy takeaway. As rice noodles are naturally low-fat carbohydrates, we love using them as a filling base in our SuperSalads.
Red chilli pepper acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and is proved to be good for your metabolism. This fiery fruit (yes, you heard right, chilli is not a vegetable, it is a juicy fruit) is your helper when you are on a diet because red chilli pepper can reduce LDL cholesterol levels and help you fight against kilos. This fruit is rightfully on the ingredient list in our SuperSalad healthy menu.
These green spring onions combine all the goodness from the greens and onions: surprisingly, they are full of Vitamin A, K and C. So you won't just have good eyesight, but the high level of Vitamin C will help you maintain a good bone structure and Vitamin K a healthy bone density. Spring onion helps lower your cholesterol and full of antioxidants. It can lower blood sugar level and even can reduce the risk of cancer. Now, you can see why it is in our SuperSalad healthy lunch box.
Have you ever heard of a healthier spice than ginger? It is tough to overcome the goodness hidden in this root - that's sure. Ginger is good for body and brain and helps to fight against infection and severe diseases and pain. This superfood can be used as a sea sickness remedy and because of the same healthy features it can relieve nausea or morning sickness. Ladies, do you want to have a bite of this SuperSalad? But ginger is not just for world travellers and expecting ladies; it is for anyone who wants to reduce muscle pain after an extensive workout. Gentlemen, this is what you need, don't you?

What are you waiting for then, come to Chingford Mount Road and grab your Rice Noodles, Red Chilli, Spring Onion, Ginger & Soy Souce Salad now. If you call us (07930691985) before arriving and it will be ready by the time you get there and waiting just for you.