Organic Triple Bean, Chilli and Olive Oil Salad

Organic Triple Bean, Chilli and Olive Oil Salad

Organic Triple Bean Red Chilli Olive Oil Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil

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Organic triple beans are an excellent source of protein even compared to fresh meat. Healthy beans also decrease your chance of heart disease and some studies even show we can leverage these beans to fight against cancer. They are on the must-eat list after a workout as you can find a pack of nutrition in them besides proteins.
Red chilli pepper doesn't just help your metabolism and an anti-inflammatory agent, but this fiery fruit makes your salad delicious. Another helpful feature of this everybody-thinks-vegetable-but-it-is-a-fruit that red chilli lowers LDL cholesterol levels and helps you fight against the unnecessary kilos. If you are on a diet, or just crave for a healthy lunch box, this healthy takeaway is for you.
Olive oil changes the texture of your healthy lunch box; it makes the taste smoother and apparently, it makes you healthier. Our body does need fat - despite all the confusion you can read about in the news and on social pages nowadays. But not any fat is necessary of course; we need to be careful about that. We are dedicated to using extra virgin olive oil, which is a monosaturated fat, and as such, helps you prevent heart diseases and control your blood sugar level. So on your healthiest lunch box, you can find olive oil dressing often, to offer you all these benefits.

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