Green Beans, Roast Carrots, Sweet Chilli, Lemon and Lime Oil Salad

Green Beans, Roast Carrots, Sweet Chilli, Lemon and Lime Oil Salad

Green Beans Sweet Chilli Lemon & Lime Oil Lettuce Leaves Basil Olive Oil Honey Glazed Roast Carrots

Tell your friends you ate healthy today! And spread the word you enjoyed it!

The delicious green beans contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A and have high manganese and iron content. Hence this SuperSalad can be used to support your immune system, making this salad a healthy on the go lunch.
Carrots are popular vegetables, so we often overlook how healthy and tasty they are. They are rich in Vitamin A, K, C and even in calcium. Of course, we know, when roasting them some of the nutrients diminish, the tradeoff is the delicious and caramelised taste we get as a result. And because of the variety of vegetables, you can find in our SuperSalad lunch box; we still serve you the healthiest fast food available in our local area.
Sweet chilli contains everything the fiery fruit of red chilly gives us and some more flavours! It has the right amount of heat and sweetness which makes this SuperSalad to-go lunch a mouthwatering takeaway.

* please be aware that this photo is just illustration, we are still preparing the perfectly captured photo for this SuperSalad *

Fusing this delicious takeaway salad box with lemon and lime oil gives the extra boost to your taste buds which make you think of this healthy lunch box even tomorrow. We hope your taste buds will enjoy this Green Beans, Roast Carrots, Sweet Chilli, Lemon & Lime Oil Salad and you will come back to try another healthy fast food box soon to North Chingford.