Deli Veg Boxes

Our best deli salads are served with lettuce leaves and dressed with exceptional basil olive oil. You can take away these trendy deli salads in deli boxes, so save your salad dishes for later or eat at your work as a lunch salad box. These non-traditional deli salads are carefully selected so that you can enjoy the unique taste and eat healthy at the same time. These salad boxes can definitely be part of your 5-a-day or part of your healthy diet. If you are on a weight loss diet, these deli salads are unquestionably for you!
If you want a little bit of twist, add 

Avocado - £2.20

Hummus - £2.00

2 Eggs - £1.20

Halloumi - £2.99

Broccoli - £2.00

Go wild and choose any 3 to mix for the price