Chicken, Bacon and Garlic Mayo Meat Box

Chicken Bacon Garlic Mayo Basil Olive Oil Lettuce Leaves

Tell your friends you ate healthy today! And spread the word you enjoyed it!

Chicken is a low-fat, lean protein supply which helps you to maintain body weight and control weight loss and also with your muscle development. Thanks to the protein content, chicken can also prevent bone loss. The consumption of chicken breast can manage the amino acids in the body, so you receive some help to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Adding chicken to your healthy menu gives you a way to satisfy your phosphorus level which is necessary for your bones and also for your teeth so that they can shine longer. The selenium-abundant chicken meat guards your hormone and immune functions and further, it promotes your metabolism. Selenium combined with Vitamin B6 in chicken also encourages important movements in your metabolism system, so you can likely burn calories quicker, making your weight loss a more successful exercise.  
What you surely didn't know is that chicken contains an amino acid which can enhance your mood, reduce your stress level and help you survive your most troublesome days. 

Bacon and garlic mayo may not be the healthiest elements in this meat box, but surely they compensate for this with their great taste and the entire flavour of this meat lunch box. And when chicken, bacon and garlic mayo is served on lettuce leaves and dressed with basil olive oil, this is when your taste buds start dancing! Also, this combination is still healthier than a ready-made lunch from the nearest supermarket, so we hope, you will try and love it as much as we do at Anyday SuperSalad in North Chingford.